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Kanban Leagues


TTCentral offers the most advanced software in the world for managing kanban leagues. A kanban league is used to manage competition, usually for weekly nights of table tennis or tiddly twinks. One night's play is called an "Event". The play format is sort of a cross between traditional group/table based leagues, ladders, and giant round robins. The software functions to schedule matches, and dynamically adjust ratings throughout the night. The scheduler uses these dynamically adjusted ratings to schedule a match each time a table becomes available. The "kanban" league gets its name from the Japanese manufacturing technique where downstream demand for parts drives the supply chain for those parts.


Players are added to the system either by a league Director, or by a prospective player on the create account page (not written yet, sorry). If the player has an accurate USATT rating, or the director has a good sense of what their rating should be, the director can enter it when adding the player. Otherwise, they will be initially "unrated".


Directors create Events for each night of play. Players can then register for the event online (not yet! sorry), or the director can add them as participants on the Event page. An email address is optional. Only a first name and last name is required. The director should also enter a starting "rating" for unrated participants. This starting rating is potentially different from the rating given when the player is created. The dynamic rating system will adjust participants ratings differently depending on whether they are rated or unrated.


Each Event a Director creates is associated with a League. A League can have one or more Directors who have permission to use the backend admin interface to run events. Several League settings control how an event night progresses.


Matches are generated by the scheduler either when a match completes, or when the director generates matches on the Event page. At the beginning of a event, after participants have been added, the director can generate matches by putting a number in the "Generate" field, and clicking "Save and continue editing". If there are 3 tables available, entering "4" will schedule matches on those 3 tables and one additional match that will be "on deck". On-deck matches give the players a chance to be ready to play their match when a table becomes available.
Game scores are entered by clicking "Game scores" for a particular match. (Currently, you must navigate back to the Event page after saving scores. I'll fix this eventually)

Kanban Board

Players with smart phones will be notified when their match is on-deck or scheduled. (NOT WRITTEN YET!!) Others will know when they are on deck and where there match will be played using a "Kanban board". The kanban board is a poster listing each available table, numbered 1 - #available_tables. When a player registers, they are given a card with their player number on it. A second card with the same number is held by the director. When a new match comes up, the numbers are placed on the board next to the table number, or any of the on-deck positions.